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XLR Microphone Cables


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This section of our website is devoted to cables for microphones, audio microphone-cables and XLR microphone cables. Feature products are manufactured by Griffin TS that specifically take cares that there is minimum signal attenuation and the output signal is clear & loud. All our cable system incorporates super low signal resistance providing a powerful, clean signal while at the same time maintaining an excellent balance of flexibility and strength. In addition to this, all our product are superior quality engineering products and backed up by a 12 month replacement warranty.  

Every XLR microphone cable features a 12-strand copper conductor, and all of the mic XLR cables’ copper wiring is oxygen-free 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge).Compared to other cheaper mic XLR cables, this 20 gauge wire implies that every cable is of professional grade. A 64-strand of braided copper coated aluminum shielding gives excellent noise protection with optimal mitigation of any electrostatic hum with every single of this mic XLR cables.


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