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With quality studio recording stands you can enhance the quality of your audio. Top-quality studio mic stands as well as mixing cabinets are ideal for getting the most out of your studio space as well as improving the sound of your engineered recordings. Whether you are planning on building your own home studio or you need upgrades for your current professional studio, we have a wealth of products which are designed for use in top-quality worldwide recording studios.

From quality PA speakers to rock mount stands for instruments we can provide a wealth of products which are vouched for and used regularly by professional audio engineers and musicians alike. Each one of the studio recording stands that's available in our inventory is built with precision and out of materials which are designed to last over many years.

Whether you need equipment that can stand up over touring or equipment that can be easily folded away when not in use, we have a wealth of opportunities available for studio recording gurus across the world. We have solutions that can be made to suit your entire recording budget or made to suit the space needs of your studio directly.

Our wealth of stands and racks are designed for fitting a wide array of recording equipment. From mixing boards to top end studio microphones, you can find the shock mounts, microphone stands and more that will build up your home studio needs.

Search through our shop of best sellers, new arrivals or sort through studio recording stands and equipment a stuff of your needs directly. With removal items, adaptive mounts and more, we can build the solutions you need for recording. Feel free to check back often to find the latest and studio recording stands and equipment that can be made to suit your recording needs. 

Live stage accessories are paramount to keeping you and your live show organized and making sure that you can improve sound quality during any type of live performance. The live stage accessories that we have the offer through the online special are perfect for powering your microphones, guitars and more.

Whether you have a specific stage design in mind or you are interested in getting the best in cable technology for improving your live stage sound, we can deliver professionally vetted equipment from pro audio sources and manufacturers like Fat Toad. By using the same equipment that the professionals are, you can really expand your capabilities of the live performer and make sure you are taking the most well-made equipment on the road.

As well as offering equipment that road ready and perfect for touring, we can deliver a comprehensive one-year premium warranty on many of the accessories that we have to offer. We also offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee on the vast majority of the accessories available in our store. This ensures that any musician can try and return the items that we have to offer.

Having this piece of mind ensures that you can always have access to the right equipment for your stage show and that if any of the items in our store do not perform accordingly, they can be returned or repaired. We want to offer the ideal value for money on all types of stage accessories and this can be a huge break to touring musicians and live performers worldwide.

Whether you are looking for professional organizational tools for live stage shows or the best in audio cables for your use in live shows, we can deliver it all through our online store. Feel free sort results by bestsellers, price, and name.

Contact us with any questions you may have on our wealth of live stage accessories. 


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