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Lighting Stands & Trusses


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For stage lighting and music effects in events, respective units need to be mounted on a trussing system. The Truss Crank Stands, DJ Light Truss, DJ Truss Stand, Truss DJ stand, PA Speaker Stands and Light truss Stands featured in this section offers a broad range of versatility. No matter, where ever to like the equipment to be placed, Griffin trussing system will do it.

The most important characteristic of these trusses is they are quite sturdy and reliable. At the same time, they are also quite portable as they are relatively light which also means deployment and packaging are not at all labor-intensive and can be easily configured within few minutes. So, just chose the trussing system based on your complexity, size and weight requirement. With the right balance, mass and weight Griffin light trussing stands are quite similar to similar to a Hercules or American brand option but relatively are way more economical as well as have a 12-month warranty.


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