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Griffin, AP series is a Studio quality double keyboard stand that has been used all over the country for home recording, project studio work and gigging. It is a two-tiered folding double audio mixer stand that is highly versatile and quite economical as well. Both the tier have flexible dimensions, which mean that they can be user adjusted length, breadth and height wise to accommodate various sizes of equipment like keyboards, studio mixers, DJ coffins, or heavy duty, wide speakers. The welded and bolted construction gives the double studio mixer stand’s overall structural stability & sturdiness. Double-spine gears with radial grooves enable both arms of the upper tier to tilt from fully horizontal to a nearly vertical position. Furthermore, the combination of all steel design on top of rugged rubber feet, the stand is quite stable and resolute, and the good thing is that its Setup & Packing requires only a minute as the entire stand folds to a compact “T” shape for uncomplicated transport or storage. Both our Double Studio Mixer Stand and Studio Mixer Stand on Wheels comes with a one-year replacement warranty.


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