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Drums & Percussion

Our business includes a wide array of various drums and percussion accessories. We have a massive selection of Griffin snare items as well as deluxe percussion hardware and accessories. With a wealth of products ranging from complete snare drums to seats, hi hat stands and more, you can get the most out of Griffin snare drum products as well as other manufacturers in our online store.

We have created the perfect platform for building up your drum kit as well as having access to the ongoing drum hardware and stands that you require for a live stage set up, student set up or practice set up. We have a wide range of snare drum replacements, hardware, stands and accessories that can help you to accomplish many different goals.

As an additional bonus, much of our drums and percussion hardware also comes with a 30 day moneyback guarantee as well as a one-year warranty for replacement and repair. By including some of these features we can make sure that our customers can have confidence in every order.

Our business has tens of thousands of customer feedback reviews and we want to continue offering some of the best percussion ensnare products available in our market. We are interested in helping our clients with the finest of services as well as the best in customer service throughout the sales process. If you have any questions about our drums and percussion or the products that we have available, please contact our staff today and we can work at finding the answers for you immediately.

Whether you are interested in expanding your current drum kit or you need replacement equipment for your professional live setup, we are a helpful and knowledgeable staff with plenty of experience in this industry. Contact us today and we can make recommendations on the best and equipment for your needs!


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