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I’m sure everybody can agree, that mic cables aren’t nearly as important as, say,” The microphones themselves, or studio monitors, right?” Of course not. But are they still important?

A cable is a cable but add up the price of the cables, and they’ll most likely cost more than your entire studio. Actually… microphone links are a subject that most artists, both tenderfoot and advanced, know shockingly minimal about it. And newbies get frustrated when they discover how hard it is to simply sort the good ones from the bad, and…find the right cable to fit their budget. Well, the search ends here because Ace Division Inc. sells the best in class studio recording cables. It provides XLRmic cables, instrument cables and patch cables. These cables are offered by Fat Toad and Griffin. The XLR cable can be the best solution as studio, stage, karaoke, live performances, conferences, live sound recording multicore cords. The cables also come with microphone stands and in different ranges of sets and clip.

As more and more technology becomes wireless, the jungle of cable linguini in the studios is becoming a bit more manageable. Incorporated with the latest technology, these cables can be used for electric or acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards and pro-audio recording studio. There are also pro audio shielded balanced double-sided microphone cables for DJ digital mixers or amplifiers. These cables maintain an excellent balance of flexibility and strength and provide excellent noise protection with optimal reduction of any electrostatic hum. Heavy duty insulation protection covers every one of the cables to diminish unessential noise interference and to relieve strain.

The premium quality microphone cables offer you a hassle-free, 30 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction and are also backed by the 1 year replacement warranty. These products are designed to last and when you buy one of these, you buy it with peace of mind knowing you are getting the lowest price possible for this quality cable system. Recording a clean and loud enough signal from guitars, synths, drum machines, and mics has a lot to do with the audio cable types you choose. How does a perfect home recording or live recording studio look like? Perfect should mean perfect for you. That means your instruments, your budget and your needs. Cables offered by Ace Division Inc. are heavy duty, dependable and ready to work for you.


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