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14" Wood Shell Snare


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Are you tired of looking for that perfect sounding snare drum that would offer you a brilliant, powerful thump with beautiful overtones? Well, your search ends here! The wooden snare drum can play any kind of music from pop to jazz, every type and gives that strong, penetrating sound you’ve been looking for, perfectly complimenting your playing. The matchless craftsmanship makes this exquisite musical instrument a worthy addition to any drummer’s collection. This makes this wooden snare drum ideal for beginners, students or professional musicians.

Find out for yourself and look deeper into the heart and soul of the drum, the shell, the place where the sound starts once you hit the head. Hence the composition of the shell becomes very important and hit has a major impact on the sound that the drum produces. Since ages many variety woods have been used in making of drums

Just look at what different wood types can do to the music:

·         Maple: Produces even amount of highs and mids, slightly warm lows. It is all-purpose.

·         Birch: Produces boosted high frequencies, little reduced midrange, good low-end punch. Loud and cutting.

·         Mahogany: Muted highs, smooth midrange, and warm/rich low end. Vibrant and resonant.

·         Walnut: Equal amount of highs, midrange, and lows. Big and warm.

·         Oak: Subtle highs, good amount of mids, slightly warm lows. All-purpose with quick decay.

·         Beech: Pronounced highs and mids, good low-end punch. Sensitive and focused.

·         Cherry: Boosted highs, punchy midrange, average low end. Bright and sensitive.

·         Bubinga: Even amount of highs and mids, rich low end. Sensitive and punchy.

·         Poplar: Soft highs and mids, boosted low-end warmth. Smooth and eve.

·         Ash: Strong, warm highs and midrange, average low end. Deep and warm.

Just like different composition of shell affects the sound of music, similarly the thickness of shell also impacts snare’s overtone; the thinner the shell, the lower the fundamental tone; the thicker the shell, the higher the fundamental tone. Almost all snare drum shells have a construction in layers that are heated and molded in a cylinder by compression. A 14 inch snare has a powerful thumping ability to it. Whereas, wood has the ability to produce a pleasant tone, making 14 inch wooden snares ideal for any musician. 


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